Musicraft tmi is a music production company specialized in creating music for film, TV, radio and records. The company was founded in December 2008 and it operates from Jyväskylä, a city in central Finland. The idea behind Musicraft tmi is to offer high quality composing, arranging and producing services for even the most demanding musical tasks.

Easy to do business - first little composition sample within 24 hours without obligation to order.

To make things easy for the customer, Musicraft will deliver the first little and simple piano reduction of the musical idea composed for the customers need within 24 hours of our first conversation. The customer only has to desribe the context of their production and Musicraft will make it's best to fill those frames according to the customers vision. Ordering this "first glimpse" is completely free and does not demand the customer to commit into anything. For usually in the phase where music becomes current in a project, the productions schedule is so close to it's ending that there is no time to waste. With a tangible sample of the risen musical idea it's much easier for the customer to decide wether it's working and they like what they hear and decide to make the final order or it isn't working how they would want it to be and they decide to pass. The process is quick, efficient and simple. If you know the frames of function for the music, Musicraft knows how to execute the musical content of your desiring.

Excellent efficiency and easy to manage.

Because Musicaft tmi creates the music primarily with digital high quality instrument libraries, may it proudly confess to have the ability to create it's own genuine "handmade music". Often productions include many different professionals, each with their own task. Composer, arranger, sound engineer, conductor, instrumentalist and sound editor may all be different persons. At Musicraft tmi one person is capable of handling all these tasks all by himself. When in "acoustic" projects rehearsing the players, organizing timetables and making it through all the work phases must still be added to the previous list, it's clear that Musicraft's way to operate makes it simple to gain control over the whole production exactly according to the customer’s desires and needs. This saves time, is efficient and easy to manage.