Even though every project is it's own unique entity and the demands for the music and the contributions made to fulfill those demands may vary significantly, it may be crucial for the customer to know a simple and unambiguous way of pricing. Because of this fact Musicraft tmi offers a solid price table which enables an easy way for the customer to budget the music their project needs. For extensive musical works we can settle a "lump sum" which covers all the expenses of executing a larger musical work. Contact us and together we will set the price right for the work you require.

(Prices include 23% value-added tax)

Orchestrations for records:

(accompanying arrangements, intros, interludes etc.)

Orchestration to existing material:
135 / 30 sec.

New orchestral composition:
165 / 30 sec.

Music for narrative image:

(films, TV, digital media etc.)

Original music:
165 / 30 sec.

Orchestral arrangements of existing songs (customer has to have permission to use music):
135 / 30 sec.

Commercial music:

(TV, radio, digital media etc.)

610 / jingle

longer productions like corporational presentations, showcases etc.
Look music for narrative image.